Love is Meaningless

“You should just masturbate and get her out of your head,” Victor suggested from the middle of a pushup.

“Is sex all you think about,” Erik responded as he finished another.

“Don’t turn this on me. You’re the one who isn’t normal. Just tell her you want to have sex with her and get it over with.”

“But I don’t want to have sex with her. I mean, I do but I want to get married and start a family as well.”

“You know how many women look for freaks to have sex with? You can take your pick. Don’t get hung up on her,” Victor finishes his set.

“But I love her,” Erik swears.

“There is no such thing as love and sex is meaningless. Don’t let Aurian fool you,” Victor argued.

In Victor’s mind he was absolutely right. Victor had what some would call an abusive childhood, if you could call it a childhood. Victor joked frequently about having two penises and four testicles, but it wasn’t a joke. That made life hard for him growing up. Victor didn’t have any genes in his family that caused his extra leg and genitals. His parents were drug addicts and he simply had a birth defect. Victor was right about women looking to have sex with freaks, and not just women. He knew first hand. Until the age of eight Victor was prostituted by his parents. Sometimes for drugs, sometimes for money, when he wasn’t being used and discarded, he was kept locked in a closet and fed dog food for nourishment. At the age of eight, Dr. Grahm heard rumors and purchased the boy from his parents. It took time but Victor made it through to the other side. He had an unnatural obsession with sex, as Aurian had claimed, other than that he was doing great now. However, Aurian was unaware of Victor’s past and may have thought differently had he been aware that Victor would only be allowed freedom on days after he had made money for his parents.

Having Erik around was a big help as well. Victor would have been okay without Erik but with him he could be great. He felt comfortable with Erik, enough to tell him even his deepest and darkest thoughts, to give them a place other than his own mind. Victor knew how dark human thoughts could get. That is why Victor was worried about Erik becoming too obsessed with Christine. Erik was not just obsessed with Christine he was obsessed with improving himself to be with her.

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