I Wish I Were Your Moon

The stars jumped across the night sky with such magnitude that we're caught off guard. One can’t help but to look into the abyss of space as it displays its showcase of love. We’ve been in the forest for a while now. Just the two of us enjoying what the night has to offer.

The atmosphere is fine yet I can’t help but look at you more. We haven’t had this level of peace all year. The ground is cold and so are we to each other. Not saying a word, just two people with miles of distance between us even though we’re right next to each other.

“I’ve had dreams like this before, but none as pleasant” are the first words you utter.

My lips pucker but not a word can be shared as I’m afraid of ruining the moment.

“I wish I were a star. That way, no matter the day, people would notice me. They would respect me for who I am, not just what I look like. I’d be admired from afar and always on your mind”.

My eyes are not watering as I listen to her declaration. I know I haven’t been there. I know my heart has been on the wayside without relationship while my body is in the ocean of self worth.

She stands up, a blanket covering her body as she walks to the city. I stand there with my hand in my pockets. Hunched over I mutter to the forest,

Can I be your moon sometime?

Yet my echoes fall silent as my lover is nowhere in echocation.

By: Garser Dismuke

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