I walked down the street filled with a small amount of protesters just trying to reach Chipotle. Some of these protesters had signs that vented their frustrations about how small businesses were essential and how the coronavirus was bullshit. I even saw one protester who had a Trump 2020 sign. None of this bothered me.

I walked pasted the protesters until one looked at me funny and said "Hey Nigger, you're the reason why we're suffering." I didn't say a word. I was baffled. How did I contribute to your small business being closed? It's not like I created the virus and made it spread throughout the world. Anyways, I was hungry and wanted to get a burrito ASAP so I kept walking.

"That's right Nigger walk away!" Once I heard him calling me the N-Word for the second time, I became enraged. I pulled my pistol out and walked up to the protester. He looked like he seen a ghost. "I'm so sorr sorry, please don't shoot me!" he begged. BOW! I shot the racist motherfucker right in his head. The other protesters screamed and ran from the scene. I simply walked away.

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