"I feel like I can't run anymore. I've been running my entire life, and it's all come to this. People hate me so much, and everything I did was for them. I sacrificed who I was, the things I love, relationships with people I loved, all for them. In the end, they give me nothing. Instead they reach out wanting more. The love I searched for was never there.

I've been running from me, to keep other people happy. I'm just tired now, I'm not happy, and I've lost any bit of freedom I had. There's only one thing I can do now. Strike a match, burn the whole thing to the ground. Quit my job, move somewhere far away, and cut all ties. There's nothing here for me anymore. That's why I'm doing it. Any questions?"

I remove the rag from Eddie's mouth, "I can give you anything, just let me go," I put the rag back in his mouth.

I pull the trigger and watch him slump over. I hadn't shot anyone before last week. That's when I decided I was done with all this. It wouldn't be long before Eddie and I were the same kind of monster. I pour his fancy whisky all over his body, take sip for myself and spill the rest around the office. I strike a match on my way out. It's done now. There's nobody to come after me, I can do whatever I want now.