Come Outside

"Justin, bring your punk ass outside," Marquis screamed, barely standing up.

He had been drinking all night. Trying to pick up the courage for this moment. Now he stood outside of Justin's house at twelve in the morning demanding he come outside. Slowly the neighbors awoke to the noise. Justin had heard it first, he wasn't awake.

"Justin, I know you hear that crazy nigga outside," Justin's dad bust in his room.

"I know, what do you want me to do," Justin asked.

"Go outside, and handle that. Ten toes down, knock his ass out so we can go to sleep," his dad demanded.

His mother couldn't help but nod in agreement. She wasn't one for violence, but her beauty rest was being interrupted. They knew Justin didn't want to fight his former best friend. But at this point the only option was to call the police and police weren't too kind to black people.

"I don't really want to fight him dad," Justin said.

"I know he used to be your friend. Talk to him, do something. You got ten minutes before I shoot his ass," Justin's dad wasn't joking.

Justin threw on a pair of white air forces and made his way downstairs where his parents where already looking out the living room. He made his way outside and straight up to Marquis. For a moment the two stare at each other, waiting to see who would strike first.

"I'm sorry. I don't want you to go through it alone. I'm ready now," Marquis says.

"Good," Justin says before meeting Marquis for a kiss.

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