A shotgun aimed at my chest, I can't react before the trigger is pulled. A hole is blasted into my chest, I struggle to breathe. I wake up chocking in my bed again. The same as always. The walls of stone and tapestries of faded art decorate the walls around me. I've tried the front door and the side door. I suppose I'll find a back door now.

I walk down the hallway, no one else in sight. I find the back door, and peer around the corner. I don't spot anyone watching. I make my way out and instantly feel the coldness across my neck. A sword had sliced through my neck. I attempt to catch my head as it falls but only wake up in bead with a splitting headache.

"Breakfast," I hear one of the servants call out.

I make my way to the magnificent spread and take a seat along with the other guest. Some look absolutely joyous but others look mortified. The longer a person has been here, the more upset they seem. Side effect of never being able to leave. I take a knife and slit my wrist right at the table. Perhaps actual death could free me from this place. As I awake in my bed, I'm upset once more.