Cake of Inequality

"Well you start with economic inequality as your base because you know nobody is getting paid fair or paying their taxes and you know they love wage theft. Then you're going to add a whole heap of racism in, as much as you want. Blacks, Mexicans, Asians, all of them, add some racism for each one. Sprinkle some powdered misogyny on top because that never goes out of style and decorate with some homophobia."

Henry continued to stare unblinkingly at the television. He watched as peaceful protestors were met with tear gas and rubber bullets. All for thinking they had the right to be treated like humans. To some, it was a disturbing scene. How could wanting human rights be met with so much violence. Tanks, tear gas, rubber bullets, and even dogs. Was it really 2020? Henry's grandfather had told him stories of times like this. He couldn't believe he was watching it with his own eyes right now. Next to him was his daughter, she wanted to be out there. He would do anything to keep her in the house today.

"Dad, I don't think that's how a cake is made."

"Not a good cake anyway. Worst dang on cake you ever tasted."

"Alright, what goes in a cake, since you know what you're doing."

"Sugar, butter, flour, eggs, baking powder and some milk."

"Oh you meant bake a real cake?"

"Yeah dad, turn off the news for a minute. Your mental health is important too."