Cabin in The Woods

"They say the Blackport Butcher killed people in this shack last year on Halloween," Beth said snuggling up close to Matt.

"Don't worry, I'll protect you from the butcher," He held her closer.

He couldn't protect her, he couldn't protect himself. She was only partly right. It wasn't just a rumor that the Blackport Butcher had killed people in this shack. He owned the shack, he had killed a lot of people in that shack. But, it wasn't just him. He only followed orders. The Black Widow of Blackport, she called the shots. The Butcher was just the first man she didn't want to see dead, and he was in love. They were more in love than Beth and Matt.

Nobody heard the couple enter the shack, they were already there. Beth and Matt could have been murdered in their sleep, but that wouldn't be fun. The Butcher liked to hear them scream, The Widow liked to smell them as they melted in acid. It was good combination, for them. The Butcher got to do the dirty part, and The Widow got to do the clean part.

Beth's death was quick and painless. The Machete went through clean. Matt chocked on blood as his neck snapped. The couple were dropped into a trap door beneath the floor. There, a vat of acid waited for them. The Black Widow giggled as she watched and embraced her husband. They'd have to return to work in three days, but she was just glad they managed to get two kills on vacation this time around.

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