Batman Who?

"You're not supposed to kill," he yelled at the woman as she stomped on his ankle preventing his escape.

"Do I look like Batman motherfucker," she asked.

They both had valid points. From his point of view, she was doing what Batman did. Tracking down mobsters. Putting an end to their operations. On her end, she was nothing like Batman. She was putting an end to the illegal mutigen trade. She had served in Iraq, she had no problems killing. She had survived attempts on her life, and taken plenty of lives. This was simply another war.

"Please don't kill me," he continues to beg.

"C'mon, none of your accomplices begged," she loaded a fresh magazine into her gun.

"I can give you information," he offered.

"I found this little place, what do you have that I can't get?"

"I know where the cook is."

The Cook, there was a single cook working on this formula. A unique blend that gave people powers like any other mutigen, except this one was clean. There were no side-effects for coming down. If she could get this off the streets, things would be a lot better.

"I'm listening, and if you're lying. Bang bang, have a nice life," she smiled and holstered her gun.

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