Train Car Love

I awoke in a train car smelling of whiskey. My head felt like Kennedy House - a heap of rubble and gaping holes. I slide the door open to get some fresh air. Train isn't moving. Good. I hop out and fall forward to my knees. The world moved before I was ready.

Last night, didn't go the way I wanted it. Baby Doll doesn't want me in her life anymore. Can't blame her. The dame has put up with my shit enough for the last twenty years. Must have spent the rest of the night drinking with the bums. The only company I felt could know the pain of a man down and out. Not the first time I spent the night with the bums. They must have loaded me onto this train before they all took off for the morning.

I don't know what to do now. After a night of drinking I usually stroll in the home like nothing happened. Give her a big kiss with the taste of vomit still in my mouth. She smiles and makes me breakfast. I can't go home today. I don't know where to go. For now I guess I'll crawl back in the train car and try to figure my life out. Where do you go when the only one you ever loved doesn't love you anymore?

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