These Walls #6

"Well, this is the worst honeymoon ever," he said as they finished watching Tiger King.

"No shit, I'm glad we're spending time together but we should be spending time together in Spain. Instead, we're on the fucking couch," she says scrolling through other things to watch.

"Maybe we should do some fucking on the couch," he jokes.

"That's all we've done for like six days. Are you not tired?"

"Honestly. Yeah, no offense to you but I'm tired of sex," inside he's relieved.

"So what do you wanna do," she asks, completely seriously. She was out of ideas.

"I've got an idea," he hops off the couch and takes off running room to room through the apartment.

He returns with a game of Monopoly. Sometimes the simple things in life bring the most joy. A board game they bonded over. The first time he had invited her to his home the power went out. They played Monopoly by candlelight for hours. Now, they could relive that moment, with light, and air conditioning. Perhaps quarantine wasn't so bad after all.

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