The Quarantine Pact

I slowly unwrap the bandages around my wrist. I was supposed to change them every day but I couldn't be bothered with it. Honestly, why would they expect a guy who tried to slit his own wrist, twice to change the bandages. Clearly I'm not trying to take good care of myself. I've reached the pinnacles of success. I've seen the best the world has to offer, driven some nice cars and had some great cooked food.

Walking out of the hospital into the wonderful world of quarantine. More time alone just to realize that no matter how much success I achieve there just won't be any happiness for me. I've tried to fill the void with drugs, sex, alcohol and all matters of vices. Still, none bring me anything more than the momentary pleasure. Suicide or not, I'm dying in this world.

Perhaps I should follow in the footsteps of my ancestors. Call a demon, trade my soul for demonic abilities. I'm not the only one who's done it. We're well known in the demon realm by now. The Faust Family, cohorts of the demons. It wouldn't take much to get a demon or devil here. After all, my family has given them numerous souls over the year.

"Mephistopheles, get your ass out here," I yell into the darkness.

I'll summon a demon. Give me some magic powers. Make me fall in love or something. Demons always know how to spice life up from what I've heard. I want some magic powers. I've got a soul. That's what you want right?

"What do you want  Mephistopheles? A blood sacrifice? I got some fucking blood for you," I keep screaming, no doubt disturbing my neighbors.

"There is no need for a sacrifice, I will grant your request" a voice chills the room and I know he's here.

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