Smile at My Nightmares

The curtain falls and the lights dim on the stage as the performers take their bows. As the crowd lights come on they clap and applaud, having enjoyed the show. A new take on Romeo and Juliet. A version where Romeo would gladly sacrifice his life for Juliet, but she would not do the same. There was no poison to be tasted from her lips, only from the words she spoke as she married another.

Congratulations and thank you pour in after the play. So many smiling faces praise the work and never see the darkness of it. If only they knew this wasn't inspired by some TV Show. But, my life. A nightmare I wake from over and over again. Watching the love of my life marry another. Nor is this fiction like the works of Shakespeare. I have lived this nightmare, and many nights when I sleep, I am met by a sick and twisted version of the events.

The life of an entertainer can never really be private. Life sneaks into art. People will laugh at our pain and smile at our nightmares. It hurts, but we are partly to blame because we are so vain. If we could only manage keeping ourselves out of our art. But, we can't because self inspires us to create more than anything else. For that arrogance, they will continue to laugh at my nightmares and despite the hurt, I'll love every moment of it.

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