Read The News Lately

"You have to take this serious, people are dying every day by the hundreds," Mr. Abraham shouted into the church as people began to flow out.

They were Amish. They weren't stupid people, they simply believed that this would not reach them as long as they stayed away from those infected. God simply would provide a way for them. Social distancing is hard to do when it isn't strange for three or four generations to live in the same home. Mr. Abraham had wasted his breath here today.

The mud sale would still happen. The fundraiser for the church's new roof would still happen. He would need to find another way to reach them. Another way for them to combat this illness before it gripped their communities the way it had the rest of the world. It is hard to make people fear something when they don't watch the news all day.

"Hey Jeb, you read the paper lately?"

"Yeah, it's a shame how that illness is killing all those people."

That was the extent of conversation about the illness in the community. It wasn't ignorance, just people who trusted God more than they trusted scientists. It was only natural when scientists showed up only to give bad news.

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