Prayer To The Moon

"You know this won't work right," the sorcerer tried to say as he was tossed into the basement.

"You'll be there until the boss decides you can leave," one of the men slams the door closed.

The sorcerer was correct, this would never work. The Elves were used to complicated hand movements, wands or incantations being used to cast spells. They thought chaining his hands and stuffing his mouth full of rags would stop him from escaping. They were right, for a while. He wasn't exceptionally balanced and it took a wile for him to get to his feet.

After that they had no hopes of holding him. He didn't even try to spit out the rags or loosen his cuffs. He held his hands to the moonlight shining through the iron bars on the window, and thought a prayer to the moon goddess.

"Mother, free me from my confines and I will find a way," he asked and waited.

Soon the iron bars of the window melted onto the floor and the cuffs fell from the ground. He struggled to make it up to the window but eventually pulled himself through. A quick thank yo to his goddess and he was off into the night.

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