New Friends

"I don't know man, I always thought of myself as an unemotional killing machine. Then I saved this kid, and he's been tagging along with me ever since. Now I enjoy things like breakfast with him. But, he's growing up. I used to fight just to shake him, now I'm a little upset when he leaves before I wake up in the morning," Jason started to tell his story.

"Sounds like a great life, where did you rescue him from," his new friend asked.

"Vampire was using mind control. Didn't think it was possible. Had a whole army of shit to fight through. Was keeping the kid and about a dozen more locked up in a makeshift barn house," Jason took another sip of brandy. "Worst thing I ever saw."

"Worst thing I ever saw was the love of my life being murdered," the second man started.

"Love of my life just left me and moved to Nowhere, Indiana. Why'd they kill her," Jason asked.

"Well, turns out she used to run with a pretty bad vampire house. We're not even that kind of vampire. Anyway, she stole some things from her. Including these magic axes I love," the man pulls and axe from thin air, shows it to Jason and sends it back. "Well, they finally caught up with us. I was just a new vampire, they didn't care about me. Staked her, she froze up and then they cut her head off. Watched her turn to ash right there."

"Will you two bleeding hearts stop it," Sam the bartender wiped his eyes after hearing their stories. "You're a vampire and you're a vampire hunter, go kill each other."

"Tell your story Sam, how did you end up here," Jason asks.

"I was in love with Dalia, you know her. I lost her heart to another. I turned and attacked him. It was wrong, but love makes you do crazy things. I chose to leave instead of get exiled."

"Who is Dalia," the vampire asked.

"Basically I grew up in this temple city, she's one of the people in charge. She really took care of me when my parents died. Coincidentally she's part of the reason I ended up with Kaiden by my side," Jason answered.

"Woah, so who did you lose her to," the vampire asks again about the shared history of these men.

"This magic dickwad Elsar," Sam said with hate in his voice.

"What," Jason asks in confusion.

"Elsar he was a wiz," Sam starts but gets cut off.

"I know who the fuck Elsar is. Why was Dalia in love with him? I'm going to be sick," Jason can't believe what he's hearing.

"Sounds like a good love story, let me hear it," the vampire jokes.

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