In My Sleep

The sound of glass shattering instantly wakes me up from my sleep. I hear talking in the next room over. A glance at the alarm clock tells me it's 3am. I roll out of my bed gently and make my way over to the closet. There I pull my gun from it's hiding spot and disengage the safety. Something is in my house, and I want to be prepared.

Easing open the door to my room I can hear talking in the next room. I lead with my gun and see two men also carrying guns. I know I shouldn't shoot anyone in the back, but the urge is there. If you're breaking in my home with guns in the middle of the night you're coming to hurt me, and I need to hurt you first.

"Hey yo," I call out to them.

As soon as they're facing me I start to fire shots. One of the men gets a shot off but misses me. I'm unharmed and both men seem to be down. I make my way over and kick their guns out of reach. One defiantly grips my leg and tries to curse me. I recognize the man, I shot his brother six years ago, almost the same situation. Robbery gone bad, didn't expect me to have a gun. I killed him, surveillance footage showed it was self defense and I was shot at first. No charges were ever filed. The same gun, both brothers.

"Thought you was gonna kill me in my sleep bitch ass motherfucker."