False Cure

"Another couple has been hospitalized by trying their own cure for COVID-19. This couple attempted to use chlorine tablets after our president suggested there could be some hope for a cure there," the reporter runs down the news.

I just turn it off. I'm not really eager to hear more bad news at this point. Seems like every day twenty thousand people around the world die from this thing. Another five thousand die from their own cures. We aren't far from people shooting bleach up their noses in an attempt to kill the virus. We should just stay inside, that's our cure.

I usually enjoy sitting by the window and looking out over the park. Right now, I'm pissed off that so many people are out there playing right now. Social distancing is the phrase people. Six to thirteen feet apart. Yet here you all are having a great time. We're going to die, because you can't flatten the damn curve. I just close the blinds. I guess I'll read a book today.

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