You Were Wild

"You were wild once. Don't let them tame you," the wood Elf concentrates his thoughts. He isn't sure what beast lies beyond the trees. But, he knows it will bring them death. For now he rides in the cage fastened to the carriage. The others panic, say prayers to their gods. Pray for intervention, but not Bashen. He knew something wild lurked out there.

His family was still still strong in the old ways. He could still communicate with nature, with creatures. He had practiced since he was a child. Now he would need that skill more than ever. The carriage came to a stop outside of a cage. There was no special ritual. The first person, an Orc, was pulled from the cage. He was forced to entire the cave. A roar, his screams, a lasting light and then there was silence and darkness. They were here to be sacrifices.

"You were wild once, free. Don't let them tame you. Don't be complacent," he concentrated harder, nearly shouting.

Another roar, and another sacrifice, a woman this time. She tried to flee. They used magic to force her into the cave. The same process was repeated again. Bashen was not making any process. Was he getting through? Was he speaking to the wrong creature? He had no idea if he had simply fallen on deaf ears.

"Please, I don't want to die," he begged as he was pulled from his cage.

He took a deep breath, feet unable to move. Not willing to face his death yet. A massive roar, larger than any he had before. The ground shook and panic set in. Not just for Bashen but for everyone there. They had never seen this happen in all their years of making sacrifices.

The ground above the cave erupted. A magnificent green dragon burst through the dirt. Screams of fear drowned out by the roars. Flames flew in the air, and everyone panicked, ready for a fight. Bashen wasn't afraid, he knew what was happening. He had awoken the primal nature of the dragon. Bashen took the opportunity, he ran for freedom. They wouldn't look for him after this, and now he was free while they panicked. Bashen was a dead man, but he could be anyone he wanted now.