The Good Witch?

"Glenda more evil than all the other witches. Who ever heard of a good witch," Mike asked.

"Please don't start again," Mary Kate begged him.

"I want to hear this," Duncan leaned in.

"Well, I'll leave you two. I'm going to go do anything else," Mary Kate made her exit.

"Don't mind her. See, in the Wizard of Oz, Glenda says she's the good witch. Oz is basically controlled by four people right?"

"Well there's Oz, Wicked Witches of the East and West, then Good Witch of The South. But the other Good Witch doesn't really control anything," Duncan had seen the movie, he's on point.

"Right, but peep this. Just like the evil witches, Glenda makes it illegal for everyone around her to use magic. Then at the end Oz is leaving the country, the Wicked Witches are dead and the other Good Witch isn't anywhere to be seen. Glenda has control of 3/4 of the country. It was a power play," Mike stands up to put emphasis on his theory.

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