"Even if you work your ass off, never take off and have outstanding quality, you will never beat me but I respect and salute that you're trying," Evan made the promise as he served.

"Shut the fuck up and play," Eric returned the serve.

This was a ping-pong family. This is how all disputes were dissolved. Who was taking the trash out this week? Was mom or dad on carpool duty. Tonight's challenge, what would the boys be watching on TV. Evan wanted to watch Exsanguinate but Eric wanted to watch Phantasmagorical. Two new hit TV shows. The boys couldn't agree. The ping pong paddles came out.

It was a fierce game, it always was. Yet, Evan seemed to come out on top, nearly every time. But, Eric had been training. He wouldn't lose this time. He was sick of losing. He had an ace up his sleeve today. He would not be losing. Evan may be better at ping-pong and sports and a lot of other things but Eric was clever.

"Evan smokes cigarettes," Eric called out.

"What," Evan misses the ball.

"Looks like I win," Eric smiles in victory.

The results were contested but they stood. Did Evan smoke cigarettes? No, and Eric admitted it. This was a smart play. His parents were impressed he finally found a way to gain an upper hand. Everything worked out fine this time. Eric couldn't pull that trick every week, he'd have to find a new way to win. But for now, he'd get to pick what they were watching on television.

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