"No mom, I don't want to go yet. I want to see the dolphins again," a small girl tried to pull away from her mother.

"Hey kid, you can sue her for that," a sleazy lawyer hands his card to the kid. Knowing that a six year old can not sue anyone. He would make it work if he needed to.

Sleazy Jimmy Wesley was as slimy as lawyers came. You've probably heard of ambulance chasers. He was an ambulance driver. He could get you to the hospital, he just needed you to promise you would sue. Jimmy would sue anyone for anyone else.

"Damn, it seems like these breaks get shorter and shorter," a diver joked with another.

"You're right," she responded.

"Hey, you two can start a union, I can help. Here's my card," Jimmy passed his card to the divers.

"Sorry no pockets," one of the diver's utters walking much too fast for Jimmy to keep up.

"Don't worry, you can find me on the web or the local phone book."

Jimmy tracked down any puddle, leaking pipe or solitary individual and handed out business cards that day. At least until security came and drug him out. He gave them his card as well. People needed to be sued, and Jimmy was going to make sure they got sued.

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