They say hindsight is 20/20. Well, in hindsight, I should have shot that no good backstabbing bastard in the face and been done with it the first time he betrayed me. I was dumb, the kid had a good smile. Said he wanted to be an outlaw like me. I wanted some company on the run. I thought it'd be nice to have him along. The kid could sing, and knew all kinds of songs.

I didn't expect the bastard to shoot me with my own gun while I slept. Then he took my horse and all my money. Well, this ain't gonna kill me. I'm gonna kill an orphan tho. As soon as I can get up and moving, I'm going to shoot that kid to high heaven, and won't fill bad about it. I hope the lord forgives me, because that boy is finished.

For now, I'm gonna drag this bum leg back to town. I'll do a jail sentence, but I'll survive. I won't forget his face either. That ugly ass smile has been burned into my eyes. I'd kill his parents too if they were still living. I'll settle for him. Oklahoma, that's where he wanted to go. I'll see him there even if I have to drag myself all the way there.

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