For Your Country

"The Orcs have taken city after city. They feel they have been left out of civilization, and for that, they will take their place," Markael began his speech. 

He was an old man, he couldn't fight much anymore. But, he had more experience than anyone else, he was the only one fit to lead them in this trying time. Markael had survived as just a child when the pale men raided his country. He had survived yet again when his country fought back. The night the sun set as they called it. When his country went about freeing other nations from colonization he fought on the front lines. He had seen many battles across many lands. More than your average Orc. He had fought alongside them as well.

"The Orcs will be coming for us next. All of these politicians have told you that it is your job to die for your country. Whores for the dollar, that is what they all are. Never been warriors, just men who speak well with large bank accounts and brave ancestors. They don't know shit about shit, especially war," the soldiers lifted their glasses and cheered. 

This would be their last night of joy before the Orcs came. None of them knew if they would survive, this would be the most brutal war that anyone had seen. The dark men as they had been called weren't like anything The Orcs had faced. Yes, they were exceptional warriors who excelled in many types of combat. They were also the only ones who allowed women into their ranks. The Orcs had never faced women on the battlefield, as they felt women were too frail to pose a threat. Those who use magic were not in a separate regimen than warriors, and each squad was matched with a healer. The plight these people had faced made them different, hardened, tough and strong. They had been controlled before. Many who survived those days of slavery still lived, the youth would die before going back to those days.

"It is not your job to die for your country, no matter what they tell you from their big houses and court rooms. Your job is to make them die for their country. If they truly love it, they will lie down their lives for it, if not they will flee. They want to come for our country, let them come. But they will not leave without scars. They say Orcs do not retreat, they are the irresistible force. We are the immovable object, we hold our ground no matter what. Soon we shall see what happens when we meet."