Family Game Night

"Draw four you bitch made motherfucker," Erika screamed at the top of her lungs as she threw down her wild card.

"Baby, I don't think that's called for," Derrick tried to calm her in a panicked state.

He had fallen in love with Erika their first semester on the track team together as Freshmen. Part of what attracted him to her, was the competitiveness. She needed to always be the fastest. Even if she won, she wasn't happy unless there was a challenge. She need the best grades on the team, to be first in practice. He loved her drive. He was unaware that it would carryover to family game night.

"Fine, I hate this game anyway," her younger brother drew his cards on the verge of tears.

He often wondered if the entire family was this competitive. The answer was no, an astounding no. It was Derrick's turn. He placed his red four and didn't press the issue. Instead Erika pressed the issue.

"That's it? No doubles, no color swaps? Weak shit, I expected more from you."

Derrick had really never seen her like this. Turn after turn he watched as she grew more aggressive, her parents didn't dare challenge her. They had accepted this. Derrick couldn't accept it. He was just as competitive as Erika, maybe not in Uno but when he saw a challenge, he had to conquer it. Without a word he slowly built a strategy and studied Erika. She overlooked him, she thought he didn't know the ways of Uno. She was mistaken.

"Uno," Erika called out. The family was relieved the game would soon come to an end.

They played it cautiously, one card each. Sticking with it, if Erika didn't win, it was her own fault. Then came Derick's turn. He slowly tossed his card into the pile. A draw four card, bringing an end to Erika's dreams of winning.

"Uno, now please draw four," Derrick exuded confidence, politeness and anarchy when he placed the card.

"Really, motherfucker," Erika asked, shocked he would do something like this.

When his turn came around Erika taunted, in her heart she knew he didn't have the win. He'd been holding that same card nearly the entire game. It was no good. Then he placed, a regular wild card. No draw four, often overlooked as unimportant.

"Uno, out," he proclaimed.

"Run it back," she demanded.

"No, I think you've had enough. How about we go get ice cream," Derrick tried to change the subject "I know how much you enjoy ice cream."

"Fuck the ice cream, I said run it back," Erika demanded.

"How about we play something else then? Monopoly is good right," Derrick asked.

"No," Erika's mother shouted in terror.

It would be a long night.

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