Art Critic Pt. 8

"Thomas, I got your guy. I know who has been putting artwork," I boastfully walk into the gallery.

"Well, do say. Who is it," he asks.

"This right here is Mr. Yates," I invite him into the building.

"Have this man arrested," Thomas yells dramatically.

"There's no need for all that," Mr. Yates looks to me for help.

"I'm not a cop anyway, and Thomas doesn't have any proof to have you arrested. But, I've got a proposition for you," I offer an enraged Thomas.

"No, that was not the deal, and you will not be paid for it," Thomas stomps his feet on the ground like a child.

"Now, I don't think there's a need for all this," Mr. Yates tries to interrupt.

"You are a criminal," Thomas yells at Mr. Yates, grabbing at his shirt.

I separate the the two and pull them apart. I let Mr. Yates know that I've got everything under control. Then I make my way over to Thomas who wants to be coddled like a child. Unfortunately, I don't have the time or patience to do any of that.

"Look, here's the thing, Mr. Yates is tired of you people gentrifying his neighborhood with no respect for the people that live here," I start.

"What do you mean by you people," Thomas asks.

"You know damn well I mean white people," I stare at him and wait for a comeback. Suddenly he doesn't have one. "Look, he wants something real simple. Just make room for black artists in your gallery. Give them a section. You're a in a black neighborhood, it's the least you can do. Give them one of the rooms. Let Mr. Yates be in charge of getting different artists. It solves both your problems."

"I will do no such thing," Thomas folds his arm.

"Fine, I'll let him kick your ass like he wanted to," I turn to walk away.

"Okay, we can discuss it," Thomas keeps me from leaving.

"Great, you got my check."

"What? You're still going to charge me after all that," Thomas seemed shocked.

"Hell yeah. I just saved you from a discrimination lawsuit and stopped your vandalism problem. And I actually got you some good art in this place. So, do you have my check?"