Art Critic Pt. 7

The tour of his artwork is nice. He is a pretty good artist. He tells me that it's mostly abstract art. More focus on the colors and texture than the shapes and depictions of the world. Similar to the stuff in the gallery, but you can tell there's thought behind it. Nobody taped a banana to the wall for this one. It's deliberate how textures are built on top of each other until everything is perfect in his eyes. Unfortunately, I have to ruin the tour.

"Mr. Yates, you're a nice man, but I know you did it," I break the tour.

"Yeah, I figured. No reason for you to come back. But you were playing a game so I just played along," he laughs.

"I was just playing along with you," I join the laughter.

"So what kind of punishment am I getting? I'm too old and pretty for jail," he's a funny guy.

"Oh, I'm not a cop anymore. I can't arrest you."

"That's good, but I imagine you have to turn me in."

"Yeah, but I think we can work something out."

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