Art Critic pt. 2

"Here it is, the terrible graffiti covering our walls," Thomas pointed to the work.

This wasn't graffiti. I recognized the image spray painted in great detail across the brick walls adorning their patio. This was Into Bondage, a painting by Aaron Douglass. A Harlem Renaissance staple. His artwork covered my grandparents home. I suppose I'm not looking for some kids terrorizing these people. Someone has a point to make.

"Do you know what this is," I ask Thomas.

"It's an eye sore, muted colors, no real line work. This is vandalism," he launches into a tirade.

"How well do you know about Black art Thomas," an honest question.

"I know plenty."

"But you didn't recognize this is a replica of Aaron Douglass' work? One of the most famous artists from the Harlem Rennisance?"

"How would I know that," suddenly Thomas is less flamboyant and more angry.

"I mean you put an art gallery in a Black neighborhood. You should know a little about Black art."

"Are you calling me a racist," Thomas asks the million dollar question.

"No, I'm just saying it's important to recognize the culture of the neighborhood you're moving into. You're a guest here, you should learn about the place."

"Will you find the perpetrator or not," Thomas has had enough of me.

"Yeah, $1000 deposit for the case and $100 per day that I work on it. You'll get reports of what I did each day."

"That is outrageous."

"You're selling a fake can of shit for a quarter million dollars in there. You can afford it. So do you want me or not?"

"Fine, I'll have a check for you inside."

"Great, I need to take some photographs."

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