Tower of Babel

The tower reached heights that no structure had ever reached before. Man, woman and child working together to build it higher. It was only a matter of time until the tower reached the sky. Their ultimate goal was to show God what humanity had accomplished since being expelled from the Garden of Eden.

"If there is no more marble, switch to limestone."

"Understood, wait until God can witness our greatness."

Together they continued to build the tower. Tall enough that they could see each of their countries. Above the clouds, still they had not reached the heights of God. It didn't stop them, it only motivated them. If God was out of their reach, they would keep moving until they could not be stopped. Limestone, marble or anything they had. It made no difference.

"What are you saying?"

"Wat sê jy?"

"O que você está dizendo?"

"Unasema nini?"

"He aha kāu e ʻōlelo nei?"

"¿Qué estas diciendo?"

God had cursed them for their arrogance. He could have brought them death. Instead, he had given them the gift of language again, and again. Once unified, there was no longer any way to progress as they no longer spoke the same languages. There was no unity, the tower was abandoned. They separated into groups who spoke the same language. Standing on an even playing field with God was a foolish task, and now they had paid the price.