These Walls #4

"So, you wanna fuck," Michael asks plainly.

"You know I'm not really into guys," Sean responds.

"Me neither, but what happens in the elevator stays in the elevator. Maybe not fuck, but a mouth is a mouth," he shrugs.

Sean thinks about it for a second. Then a little longer. He contemplates the offer. He's never done anything like this before. He's never been put in this situation before. How does this work. Clearly Michael has the experience in this category. He wouldn't have brought it up. Sean reaches for his belt buckle, deciding to take the offer.

"Eww, you were going to do it," Michael pushes him and laughs.

"I wasn't I was just messing with you," Sean pushes back.

"Hey, will you two hold still so we can get you free," a voice calls from the other side of the door.

Their joking and wrestling had shaken the elevator enough to annoy the firefighters who arrived to help. They hadn't even realized the firefighters were there. How much had they heard? The panic of the situation had finally set in. Not because of the elevator, or the idea of falling to their deaths. The idea that they had joked about performing oral sex on each other could have been heard by untold numbers of people is what was making them panic. They're just roommates, now the whole apartment complex will think they're lovers. Or, they could just be exaggerating in their minds and nobody cares.

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