The Manager

"I asked for my nutmeg in my coffee. This is cinnamon," Katherine yelled past the customers waiting in line.

"That is nutmeg," one of the baristas calls back.

"Oh, I need the manger," Katherine shoots back.

"I am the manager," the barista yells back.

"Then I need your manager," Katherine demands.

"Oh manager my manager," a second barista calls out.

"Let he who has not managed, manage the first complaint," a third calls out.

Katherine stomps her feet and demands a manager. At this point most people would realize that a manager isn't coming. They'd give up but Katherine isn't anyone. She was All City Cheer squad and Katherine had a keen sense of oppression. That's why she knew she was being oppressed. But, she had a cheer to fix that.

"Cinnamon in my coffee, let me speak to your bossy," Katherine begins to shout. Hoping other customers would join in with her. They didn't. "I don't want your coffee, I want your bossy."

At this point Katherine's antics are so ridiculous everyone is laughing at her. This is no laughing matter. Katherine always seasons her food. She can surely tell the difference between nutmeg and cinnamon. Forget the fact that the cafe doesn't serve nutmeg. In fact, they didn't put anything in her coffee. She just got regular coffee. There's no reason to complain. But she just will not give in.

"Bitch, ain't no manager coming. Stop all that damn yelling," another customer yells back at her. The room erupts in laughter.

Katherine is embarrassed now. She's forced to leave with her coffee full of cinnamon. Coffee that doesn't have any cinnamon or nutmeg.

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