Summer Reading

"Go ahead, I'll be out here. You know what you're doing," my dad ushers me through the door.

The rush of air cools me down the moment I step into the building. This is the coldest place to be in the summer, and I love it. I join the line of eager kids. Some chatting about what they had read. Others nervous and quiet, reviewing their books. One kid has a notebook. One after one, they step forward and answer questions, until there's no one in front of me.

"I recognize you. You're a real book worm. What did you read this time," The Librarian asks with a big smile.

"This time I read James and the Giant Peach," I proudly present the book.

"That's a big book for such a young man. I hope it wasn't too difficult," she scans the barcode and sits it with the other returned books.

"No m'am," I smile big, likely blushing.

"Alright, quiz time," she puts on a serious face. "How old was James?"

"He was seven."

"Good, how many legs did Mr. Centipede have," she reads from the list.

"He says 100, but he really only has 42."

"Good job, one last question. It's a tough one. Are you read," she scans the list.

"I'm ready," I nod in acceptance.

"How many seagulls did it take to fly the peach," she raises her eyebrows.

"That's easy. 500," I say confidently.

"Really? 500," she asks.

"No, 501."

"Good job, another 20 point book. You must be saving up for a big prize," she says.

"Sure am, see you later," I rush out of the library past the other kids looking at prizes.

"You didn't get any prizes," dad asks as I rush out.

"Not yet," I take his hand and cross the street towards home.

"Well, you've got to pick something. The summer is almost over."

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