The arrow flew across the room and pierced Justin's leg. His boss, Stuart, reloaded his bow. Times were bad. There was no law. The president had destroyed any idea of law when he broke hundreds of them. The police were now working as their own army and had overthrown the mayor. The governor promised to send in help. But it hadn't gotten there yet. They were trying to see how things would play out.

But now, in the moment. Justin had just been caught stealing lunches from the break room. Stuart had been trying to catch the perpetrator for months. He had sat the bow on his desk, promising an arrow for whoever was stealing lunches. Justin was prepared for battle. Stuart was an expert bowman. Justin wasn't but he had a crossbow, the bigger badder little brother of the bow that Stuart had. He crawled back to his desk and fired.

The arrow stuck in the wall just left of Stuart's head. Justin was playing for keeps. Stuart was playing for dominance, and that was his mistake. Another arrow, this one ripped through his shoulder. He dropped his bow. He crawled back into his office, defeated. Justin now has dominion over the office fridge. The first piece of Stuarts cubicle filled kingdom had fallen. His office country had been dowsized.

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