Coffee Date

"So, um I don't know how this is supposed to go," Kieran scratched his head in confusion, blushing.

"Is this the first time you've been on a date," Liam laughed.

"First time with a man," Kieran looked around the coffee shop.

Nobody was staring at them. Nobody really had the time to just get homophobic on their lunch break. Nobody had time to break out markers and write "we're here, we're queer," on poster board either. For the moment, everyone was concerned with getting a quick bite then heading back to work. There wasn't even time to really notice other people. That didn't stop Kieran's mind from racing. What if someone saw him out? What would his mom think? What about his company? They're super Christian and if they find out he's dating guys, then what?

"Oh, so are you out," Liam leans in to emphasize his question.

"No, but yes. I don't know. If you ask me I'll tell you, but I'm not exactly running around with a flag either."

"We should get you a flag, and some suspenders. You'd look great in suspenders," Liam was back to giggling.

"Maybe we can do that one day."

"So what made you jump sides?"

"Always liked guys."

"But you dated women? Were you just trying to hide," Liam asks.

"No, I like women too. It's just a little harder trying to find guys," Kieran shrugged. In reality, he hadn't been looking.

"Huh," Liam exclaims in confusion.

"Huh, what."

"So clearly you're just going through a phase right? You're a little curious. There are easier ways to get answers than dating."

"No, I'm bisexual," Kieran answered in confusion.

Kieran had only said he was bisexual out loud on four occasions. With his best friend, an ex girlfriend, and twice yelling at himself to accept it. Still, with each time he said it, he was a little more confident. Sitting in this coffee shop with a man he met on a dating app, he had to say it with confidence. He knew what he was. He had fought it for way too long, and missed out on so many great things because he was fighting it.

"But are you really? Lots of people think they're bisexual, but really they're just gay and don't know how to say it."

"No, I'm really bisexual."

"Sure you are, do you remember your first crush? Boy or girl?"

"It was a girl, but my second crush was a boy."

"Whatever you need to tell yourself," Liam responds condescendingly

"I think we're done here," Kieran picked up his cup and walked out.

He had fought with himself for so long he wasn't going to let someone else tell him who he wasn't. There were plenty of other people out there, and he had a long life in front of him. No time to waste on someone who couldn't accept him.

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