Bathroom Break

"Alright, I'm going to the bathroom, you get to know each other better," I exit the table.

I don't usually bring guys home, but I think Mike is the one. I wanted him to meet my parents so they knew I was serious about him. I don't even have to use the bathroom. I just want to see if they get long while I'm gone. So far, there's nothing but awkward silence.

"So, how did you meet our daughter Mike," my dad asks.

"Well, we hooked up on Tinder," he responded. Oh god, did he just tell the truth.

"What's Tinder," mom asks.

"Well, it's an app for casual sex," I loved Mike's honesty until now.

"Oh goodness, our daughter is a whore," my mom pretends to faint and places her head gently on the table.

Okay, that's enough. Whore? C'mon. Exaggeration. Why is she always exaggerating. Three dicks, that's it. She acts like I got run through by the football team.

"Mom, get up. Stop faking," I take my seat at the table. Mom peeks from her coma.