After Rapture 2

As I get closer to the city, I panic. I pull over at what used to be a roadside rest stop. I make my way inside to scavenge for supplies. I need to clear my mind of whatever dangers the city has. I don't know what could be waiting and that's what bothers me the most. To my surprise, the rest stop is still up and running. A short guy with medium brown hair waves as I walk in. I grab a frosted honey bun and make my way to the counter. I used to love these as a kid.

"That all for you," he asks.

"Yeah. How do I pay for this. Are dollars still a thing?"

"Yeah, of course," he mocks me.

"Well, with everyone floating into the air, I didn't know how things were running."

"Everyone? Where are you from? A lot of people got left behind in the city."

"Well, I'm from a small town. There's only like 30 of us. Were 30 of us."

"Well, the city still has plenty of people. You should go get a bath, and a haircut. Just take the honey bun, and use the showers. You stink. Did you think it was okay to smell like trash in the apocalypse?"

Well, that cleared any reservations I had about the future. I guess all that's left is starting a new life.

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