Thoughts and Prayers

"Sir you can't cross that line," the police man held the woman back.
"But, I live there," she screamed and tried to force through.
"Then you really don't want to cross," he argues.
"What happened," she begged.

This same scene was taking place in two other places outside the same neighborhood. The officers were right, they didn't want to cross that line. They didn't want to see what had happened. It happened all across America. Once a day, it happens and the whole country mourns if we can remember or if the victims are someone we care about.

This afternoon, a man lost his place in society. He loaded several guns and made his way through the small neighborhood. Shot after shot, not sparing anyone. Man, woman, child, animal no one was spared. 13 people died, another three were injured. It won't even make the news because there was a bigger killing, in a bigger city last night. That's just the way America is.

Alice, the woman trying to get through the police tape, would be okay. Her neighbors were dead, but her husband was out at the park with their daughter. Jim, on the other side of the neighborhood lived right behind Alice. He wasn't so lucky. His son was home from school sick today. He never stood a chance. He wasn't sure what he would do. His son was all he had left.

He'll get lots of thoughts and prayers. Some people will try to interview him on the news. They'll raise some funds for him. None of the thoughts and prayers will bring back his son. It won't heal the marriage that will break down over who was supposed to protect their son. Thoughts and prayers won't don't do a damn thing for Jim. It won't don't do damn thing for the next person to lose a loved one to gun violence. Still that's all they'll get.

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