These Walls #3

"How could you just come to my job like that," a man yelled out.

"How could you just not pay your half of the rent," another yelled back.

There wasn't much talking beyond that. I could hear a few swear words and some furniture being re-arranged. The two were fighting for sure. It wasn't strange for them to fight. I'm not even sure how they ended up being roommates. They didn't seem to to get along. For a moment it seemed like they were done. I went back to watching my movie and didn't think about it.

I must have fallen asleep because I panicked when I heard a loud banging sound. It's followed by some shouting, this time only one of the guys. I already know what happened. I pick up the phone and dial 911. I'm not worried about him coming over to my place so it's a calm call. She informs that someone else in the building has already called and help will be on the way soon.

I want to go look, see what went down. But, I know I shouldn't. It's best if I just keep the door shut and mind my own business until police come and ask questions eventually. I wonder if the guy died or if he'll be okay. None of my business, I'll figure out soon enough.

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