The Great Gatsby

"No I'm telling you he was black," Dre raises his voice and closes his book.

"But what proof do you have? None, I see none," Stephanie says as she shrugs in confusion.

"Maybe we should wrap up this meeting," I interject.

"No proof? Tan skin, a head shaved every day? That doesn't tip you off that he's just light skinned and hiding in plain sight? It was racist as fuck back then," Dre argues.

"Just because someone cuts their hair low and has a tan doesn't mean they're black," Stephanie is exasperated at this point.

"What about the fact that Tom went on that whole racist rant and then said Gatsby was white or the man kept saying marvo after Mrtyle got hit by the car? That's Italian for black. What about how excited he was to see that black people were riding in limos when they went to Blackwell Island," Dre continues to up the odds.

"Next you're going to tell me about Montenegro being repeated because he's a Negro named Monte," Stephanie throws her hands in the air.

"Fitzgerald was a damn racist, the book was about being careful because if you don't black people will infiltrate your circle. Damn, I can't believe you two are married," I slam the door on my way out.

I can't believe the nerve of them. I just wanted to have a nice book club meeting. They could have had this argument at home. Instead they ruin my little club with their stupid ideas. Damn, I should have just joined another book club instead of starting my own.

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