Sleep Paralysis

It felt like a sex demon was on top, riding the fuck out of me. She was holding my body tight in her grasp. Then after she came, she sat on top of me and I couldn't move. She raped me. She violated me.

I just wanted to run away but I couldn't. I saw out the corner of my eye, a big screen. On the screen, I saw my real body in the 3D world. My body was trying to move but it felt stuck.

My mind was telling my body to wake up and move. There was a delay between the signal my brain sent to my body. I tried to open my eyes but couldn't. I tried to move my body but couldn't. I tried to open my mouth but couldn't. I had trouble breathing.

I started aggressively breathing out of my nose. Internally, I panicked. In the underworld, I did everything in my power to break free from the sex demon's grasp. I finally broke free from her and ran as fast as I could towards the big screen. Then, I woke up in the 3D world. Until we meet again sex demon...

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