Moon in Scorpio

I have that evilness in my heart. I gravitate towards the darker side of life. Drugs, money, and sex is what I desire. I want to hurt those who are closest to me. I want to make women cry. Lie and finesse her pussy and leave her mentally fucked up. Make her hate men for life. To be heartbroken and then transform into a motivational speaker that talks about love. To go from rags to riches.

From becoming a drug addict with no hope in sight to becoming someone who helps others overcome their addictions. To experience the lowest of the lows and the highest of the highs. To live a meaningful life and a life full of passion. To live an unconventional life. To feel alive. I crave intense people, sex, and experiences. To find spirituality. To find out my life purpose and destiny. To fulfill my purpose in this realm. Humans are dark and evil but I accept that within myself.

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