Just Another Day

I walk in and kick my shoes off at the door. Nobody here to greet me. I should think about getting a dog or something. Someone that would be glad to see my worthless face every day. Until now, I'll just get caught up with my old friends Budweiser 1 through 6.

I take a seat on the couch and turn on the PlayStation. I guess I could go a few rounds in Street Fighter or something. It's not like I've got much else to do. Pizza won't be here for about half an hour. I don't even really feel like playing to be honest. I don't feel like doing much at all. The doorbell rings before I can even pick a game to play. Too much stuff, not enough to do.

"Hey, do you wanna come in and grab a slice," I ask the pizza guy. Any last chance for companionship.

"Is this a sex thing? I usually turn those down, but you don't look like the usual creep. I hope you've got a lot of cash," I can't tell if he's joking or not.

"It's not a sex thing. Why would you think...no....I'm not even... Never mind, have a good night," I close the door.

Not even the pizza guy wants to hang out with me. I can't blame anyone. I'm pretty boring. I go out of my way to avoid people sometimes. I just thought today would mean at least one person would reach out to me. I didn't want much, or anything. Just a single Happy Birthday would be enough.

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