Green Eyes

She has sexy green eyes. I love to stare into her eyes. She has a playful nature about her. A trouble maker of sorts. I swear at times I hate her. She can be annoying, self absorbed, and a downer.

At other times she can light up the room with her personality. She has a loud obnoxious laugh like Adele. She isn't the best looking woman out there but her green eyes, outgoing personality, and confidence makes up for her lack of beauty.

She doesn't have the best body however, she has a massive set of tits. The kind that you want to play with, lick, and suck all day. She has nice nipple piercings. They drove me wild whenever I got to see them.

She had a nice belly button piercing too. She gave head like a porn star. She would spit on the dick and suck you empty like she was dying of thirst. She also would suck you balls too.

She had some good pussy. She would fuck me good and go for multiple rounds. A part of me misses her but I'm happy I've moved on. It was fun while it lasted. I will never forget her. To my annoying green eye lover. Thank you for everything.