"Fucked up, insecure, neurotic and emotional. That's what you called me right? Answer me," the woman slaps the main chained to a chair.

They were together, and it was fine. Until he got the idea that she was manipulating him. Keeping him under her spell. Managing his bank accounts. Keeping him away from his friends. Checking in on him all times of the day. He hadn't spent a single holiday with his friends and family in two years. She made him sell his video games, because they weren't for mature people. It all went downhill when he finally had enough. He called her fucked up, insecure, neurotic and emotional. They broke up that night and he hadn't seen her since she took her things from his home.

He didn't see her again until now. He lived alone, he didn't think that his food would be tampered with. A spoonful of ice cream on a hot summer day after work put him out. Dropped him to the floor. She dragged him down into the basement. Chained him up. She was everything he said she was, but he had no right to call her those things.

"Do you love me," she asked.

The only thing she really wanted was confirmation that he loved her. He thought about it over and over again as she slapped him and he slowly realized the situation he was in. He didn't see any way out of this. He didn't put up a fight, there was no way he was breaking the chains. He tried to yell but with a mouth full of cloth he couldn't make much sound. He saw the gun on table behind her with knives on either side. He knew he would die here.

"Did you ever love me," she pulled the rags from his mouth.

"I thought I did but you just controlled me you crazy bitch," his last words, defiance in the face of death.