I look into the mirror and see the color of my skin. I immediately feel hatred for the world. I'm constantly reminded of the skin color I have even when I do my absolute best to forget. Sometimes I hate this skin color because of what it represents.

There are those who hate me for just existing. There are those who see us as lesser. A subspecies. There are those who look at us as the least attractive and intelligent. While we have those who breeze through life due to their skin color and get preferential treatment from their cohorts and the world at large. We are seen as the devils and scum of the earth. They hate us. The world hates us. We hate us. I hate us.

But yet, everyone wants to be like us in some way or fashion. They steal from us, they fetisize us. Do we suffer from generational curses? Has God and the Universe forsaken us? Are we demons on Earth? Are we dark matter? Why have we been subjugated to such demonic influences? What a crazy world. Why do I feel this way?

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