But Why

She asks the staff why. None of them give her an answer. They had voted her out of the company. She had championed higher pay rates. She made sure both men and women could take six months of paid leave when they had children. She stopped drug testing for marijuana. She gave them every thing they needed to have a happy work environment. She gave them the tools they needed to pursue interests related to work.

"We did it, because you were a terrible boss," one of them finally speaks up.

"But why, you're all so happy now," she replied, still confused.

"We were, but the company isn't doing good. They'll have to fire sixteen of us, or they could just fire you," another replied.

She had indeed made them happy. She had also lead them to a crumbling cliff. What she didn't realize is that sometimes there is freedom in the cage. You know when your next meal is coming. You don't have to worry about how you'll provide for yourself. To them, a job was a cage. They enjoyed that cage and the freedoms it provided. Sure, they could get fired, take their payout and go be entrepreneurs. But, that life isn't for everyone. They liked their cages. The cages were comfortable.

They had tasted a different kind of freedom with her new rules. Unfortunately, it came with consequences. They didn't like the consequences. They could not live with them. They could however live without her. She repeatedly asked why, but she understood. There is freedom in the cage, but there is freedom outside of it as well. She simply craved a different kind of freedom.

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  1. Bro, this one is so important. A valuable lesson you gave! Thank you!

    1. Freedom is different for everyone 🤷🏾‍♂️