As I laid on my bed I began to rub my tits. I was only in my bra and panties. I felt my nipples get hard. I removed my bra and started to rub and pinch my nipples. I let out a moan.

I moved my right hand down my stomach while still rubbing and pinching my nipples with my left. I passed my belly button ring and shriveled. With my right hand, I started to rub my clit and my pussy through my underwear. I felt a wet spot.

I took off my panties and rubbed my pussy for a bit. "Yeah, I'm really wet." I thought to myself. I turned over to open my drawer to pull out my brown dildo. I started licking and sucking it. I rubbed it around and on my clit for a bit. It felt amazing when it touched my clit.

I rubbed it around my pussy for a bit. Then, I stood up and squatted on the dildo. Going up and down on it. It went deep inside me. I was about to climax. I went up and down on it as fast as I could. Then, I climaxed. I fell over on my bed as my body shook from the aftershock of my orgasm. "Fuck, that was amazing." I said to myself.

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