Yes Master

She put a collar around my neck. "Follow me nigger." she said as she pulled the chain. "Yes master." I said as I followed her while moving on all fours like a dog. She sat down on a chair.

"Lick the bottom of my feet nigger." she said. "Yes master." I replied. I licked the bottom of her feet then I started to lick and suck on her toes. She grabbed her whip and whipped my ass twice. "FUCK!" I groaned out in pain and pleasure.

"HEY NIGGER, I DIDN'T SAY YOU COULD LICK AND SUCK ON MY TOES!" she screamed. I lowered my head and said "Sorry master." She said "better not let it happen again nigger."

She stood up and pulled me to the bed. She laid on the bed and told me to get on the bed as well. "Lick my pussy nigger." she said. "Yes master." I replied. I started slowly lick her inner labia and her clit.

She moaned out, "Uhhh, good job nigger. Your tongue feels amazing!" she rubbed the top of my head as I licked her outer labia. "Thank you master. I am here to serve and please you." I said.