We were in the shower together. I grabbed her and pulled her close to me. We started to make out. She grabbed my dick and started jerking it. I kissed her faster and harder.

I put my tongue all in her mouth as I squeezed her little ass. I wanted to cum on her stomach so bad but I decided to prolong the fun. I had her turn around so I could hump and rub on her from behind.

Her body was soaking wet. I gave her sloppy kisses on her neck as I pinched her nipples. She let out a loud moan. I rubbed my dick up and down on her ass because I love humping her.

"Put it in my ass baby." she said in a seductive tone. I bent her over and slowly inserted my dick in her tight asshole. She yelled out in pleasure. The warm water from the shower made our bodies tingle and the water made it easier to slide my dick in.

I started to make a rhythm while fucking her in the ass. 3 slow small strokes and 1 deep stroke. She grasped for air everytime I hit a deep stroke. She was rubbing her clit and fingering herself as I was penetrating her. "Can I cum in your ass?" I requested. "Of course!" she squealed.

I hit one more deep stroke as I cummed. I pulled my dick out slowly and looked as the gooey cum came out of her ass. It dripped on her pussy as well. "That's a great way to start the morning!" she said.

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