Paying For It

Up the street from my hostel was a massage shop. I saw many women sitting outside yelling, “massage!” I walked right up to the women who were sitting around and one of them took me in. I paid the fee to get a massage and then the masseuse took me to a private room.

She gave me a few minutes to myself so that I could shower and get ready for her. I took a quick shower and then dried off. As soon as I finished drying off, I heard a knock on the door. She came in and escorted me to the massage table. At this moment, I was butt naked but she didn’t mind. “She’s used to this kind of thing.” I thought to myself. I laid face down on the massage table as she wrapped the towel around me.

My heart started to race when she squirted oil on me from her bottle. I felt her soft hands rub all over me. She started stroking me slowly from the neck and then made her way down to my ass. She started to rub my cheeks slowly and even rubbed her hand down my balls. I groaned in pleasure. She giggled to herself. She made a bit of small talk with me. “What’s your name?” “Where do you come from?” I gave her little answers as she started to rub oil down my ass. She was a freaky one.

She rubbed on my balls from the back and started to rub her fingers around my asshole. I shot my ass up in the air with pleasure. At that point she took the towel off me. She used her right hand to start rubbing my dick while massaging my asshole with her left hand. I was in pure ecstasy. She eventually stopped massaging me and had me turn around. She poured oil all over my chest and rubbed it all over. She played with my nipples which got my dick hard again. She played with my dick a bit and told me if I wanted to get my dick suck or if I wanted to fuck I would have to pay.

I asked her what price and she told me. I gave her the money. She took the money and counted it then processed to get undress. She put a condom on my dick and started sucking. While she was bending over sucking my dick, I played with her pussy for a bit. Even putting my finger in there and seeing how tight she was. She asked me to stand up so she could lay on the massage table. I let her lay down and then I entered her. I was so excited. Up to this point, I barely got any pussy so I didn’t know how to act. I fucked her fast like how they do in pornos and cummed pretty quickly. She giggled and said “That was quick.” I didn’t feel embarrassed though, all this was a learning experience so I brushed her remark off.

She gave me a kiss on the cheek and led me to the shower. After I finished with my shower, she dried me off. We both got dressed and she led me outside.

“Thank you come again!” she said as I walked away.

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